Relationships - As we know it (Part 2, page 3 of 13)

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Part 2

“Rads scored 86% in her 10th and 85 in her 12th . she is still topping her class in college. What is your target?” Mom asked.

“ma, rads, I m sure I will get around 75%. Not a big deal.”

“See Rads, I m talking about 86 and this one has degraded herself to the 70’s. All thanks to the Tv. I am going to cut it off tomorrow.”

“ no, ma”. I pleaded.

“ what no ma? We are telling for your own good. You are a good student, your marks show that, work hard to some extent and sure you will top the class. Standing in the tenth position in prelims is a good thing. But work hard and top the school. You scored good enough in 10th na. ” Rads motivating statement, made me say “ ok, I will. But after my board, I will do whatever I want.”

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