Relationships - As we know it (Part 7, page 2 of 24)

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Part 7

“Can you please wear something good and get ready soon? we are all waiting for you only. We will leave you and go if you take more time. Stop behaving like a kid Ritsi, giving you 10 minutes exactly.” Rads said.

“As if you will leave me and go.”

“Baby, I am driving.” Sunny winked and Rads and smiled back.

“Very funny. Do you mind, I need to change?”

“I do mind.” He winked back.

“Shut up and get lost” I pushed him out of the room.

Sunny and I were the last to leave the house. others were already settled in the hired car. Sunny and I were supposed to bring the luggages everybody had for the 2 day ceremony and then reach the hall.

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