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Part 1

It was a cold rainy day when the Willow family headed out to get groceries. They stopped at the bank to deposit Mrs. Willow's paycheck into the bank. When they came out of the bank they saw a dark glass window black sedan pull up. All of a sudden four men got out of the car and stepped in front of Mr. and Mrs. Wiillow with guns pulled on them they were shot at a very close range . They later died at the hospital.

‚Äč A judge would order Marla to live with her uncle Anthony. Her mother never wanted her to know her side of the family. It didn't make any sense to Marla when she was younger but now knowing what kind of people her uncle and his cronies was. They dealt in everything that was illegal. Marla's parents had testified against her father and some of the others for racketeering and went into the witness protection program.

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