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Part 2

Earth 2000 A.D

Present day


What ways to spend the day than to sit in my small sofa contemplating on my next move on how to feed the lion called stomach, I work at a bar as a Bartender in the evenings but nothing much during the day . I thought coming to the city Methro will change my life, I was wrong but I still make do.

Coming from a home of three, my dad Marcus, died from a car accident two years ago and since then my mum Sarah shouldered the family burden. My Aunt Emily moved in with us to be closer to mum. To make things worst , a plague more like a nightmare played havoc on us all, life were lost as a result of an incurable disease called Vaushuaza. The rate at which people die is disarming. The entire populace is plugged into an unfathomable anguish. No cure means more death. I decided to come to Methro city to be free of the constant reminder of losing my dad through my mum sadden face.

Which brought me back to my one room apartment adorned with a TV set, sofa and a semi kitchen. As I looked out my window at the people going about their various works, I wonder if there is someone out there also running away from their past.

My name is Raphael Kings, i am 24years old and this is my story.

The ringing of my phone brought my attention back to my room,I looked at the Caller ID, my friend Ben was calling "hello Ben"

"Hey bro, what's cracking?"

"Nothing much"

"Want to head to the library?"

"Sure , I have a book I want to catch up on"

"I don't wanna know, just get your dumb nut there''

" see you there at 5"

"Okay, see ya"

I smiled to myself , the only thing encouraging me here are my three best friends, Kamiel, Janey and Ben. They have been my moving rock in the worst time of my life. I got up to go take a shower whistling back bang babe. 20 minutes later , dressed in a white shirt, a denim and a brown jacket, I was good to go. l locked my door and started the 15 minutes walk to the library. My apartment building is in Johnsonville street, it is where the library is located at. I visit the library almost everyday, it's one of my favorite spot. It feels so peaceful and serene, i find solace there and there's something magical about reading a good book, it takes your mind off the happenings around you. When I read a good book, it makes me feel whole.

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