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Part 1

"Who are those that dare venture into

The Eye of my myst,

how dare they?" "well I love ambitious mortals,

They always make a fine collections for my cave".

Edward and Louis are on a quest to find and steal the mysterious priceless jewel, popularly called Eye of the Beings.

Their search seem to be over .Towering above them is the ancient cave that house the jewel . Louis and Edward walked right into the cave with gross darkness preventing them from seeing the bones and decayed flesh littered everywhere.

Louis switched on his flashlight, held tightly while coming into the cave. Flashing the light swiftly, with his eyes keenly following the directions of the lights in search of what they came for.

"Do you see anything?" Asked Edward who was slowly walking behind him.

"Wait, I think I saw something" Louis replied hastily

"What did you see?" Edward asked eagerly.

Edward was unaccustomed in the dark, Dead bodies and bones staring just right at him. He never wanted to be here . A wave of fear span through him.

"Louis, Louis!! " He shouted after not getting a response earlier.

"How can a woman hide something so precious in here?"

"Is that.." Louis hesitate

Out of a hole in the cave , came out a fleets of bats, flying and screeching

"Ah.." Edward screamed

Louis laughed out "Best way to wipe that fear out of your face"

"Not funny Louis" Edward replied

"Common, let's go and look for some treasures' Louis commanded

"Eddy go look through that hole , let the search begin" Louis commanded

"'Soon enough we are going to be rich".

Edward searched through the hole , there was no sign of the Eye of the beings, which they have decided to call it, the priceless jewel no one has ever seen but heard of..

"Eddy you have to come see this ' Louis voice rang out

Edward ran towards him. He was taken aback with his mouth wide open. Right before them, is the Eye of the Beings.

"Should we take it , I mean wouldn't someone notice anything amiss? "Edward asked uncertainly

"Who cares , our mission is to grab this game"

Louis picked it up from it case and admire it for a while.

Immediately there was an uncontrollable trembling of the earth.

As they were about running towards the entrance of the cave, the eyes of the cave snap open, eyes the colour of glacier blink back at them.

" I don't feel so good" Edward replied

"Stop worrying, it's just a.." Louis response died midway

"Oh my G, what in hell is that, I think we should return the jewel, cos I don't want to die" Edward look at him in fear

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