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Part 2

Oliver Polson, an English boy

dawns from East Yorkshire who was clinging to a normal background.

Oliver’s father Robert Polson who was a meek herdsman with few sheep’s, cow, pigs, hens, ducks.

Oliver’s mother Patricia Polson, loving lady with generous heart.

All the Polson’s had was their son Oliver whom they adored, loved and cared about.

Oliver who was very passionate about horse riding, wanted to have a small farm where he wanted to train the horses for good skills.

Did his dream come true? He couldn’t afford due to his background.

Oliver wasn’t leading a lavish life at the same time not a downtrodden life too. He had a great determination in life to grow big.

Oliver was not much educated and he wasn’t interested too. He wasn’t a studious person rather he was a playful hero.

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