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Part 3

Bella was walking around her palace garden, she inhaled the lovely fragrance, glimpsed at the beautiful roses.

Song runs down the lane of her heart which goes on:

My heart fills with joy and splendid for the color what I have seen

My love fills with passion and belief for the beauty what I have seen

My feelings fill with trueness and purity for the moment what I have been

Let me just run with the natures stunning race of my life!!!!!!

As she sings, she notices two black necked swans at her castle fountain, which looks so loving to her eyes. Bella notices these two swans love each other so true because swans are life time mates. They die for each other. Bella looks at the birds and wishes for life time mate, a true loving prince in her life. As she walks in front of the fountain, it starts raining. Bella’s favorite and most interesting moment is to get wet in the flowing rain and dance. Her caretaker runs to her with the umbrella but Bella pusher her away and gets completely wet in the rain and laughs loudly and dances and twirls and turns.

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