Possession (Part 9, page 2 of 3)

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Part 9

He had moved closer as he spoke and now towered over me, his eyes roving insolently over my body as he spoke, resting on my near exposed breasts as they heaved with passion.{My DRESS!!!!! With it’s nearly non existent neck!!]

He went on, still standing over me, his voice controlled but conveying anger and something else- menace?

“And standing outside looking like a lost puppy because you had no escort”. Here he reached out and ran a finger down my cheek and throat to..I stopped breathing[well, almost!]

The tone altered, silky and threatening, ‘Did you have an escort?’

I shrank back as far as I could and mutely shook my head. Paralyzed with fear. And something else.

Suddenly, a sharp stinging slap landed on my cheek. He hollered “Then what the Hell are you doing in my club???”

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