Possession #2 (Part 11, page 2 of 3)

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Part 11

I gasped, remembering my friends. I tried to sit up, pushing at his hair roughened chest, ineffectively.

‘Stay still woman,” he grunted, thrusting himself into my wetness, in and out, making me shudder with passion.


Later, as I lay sated, I turned to him and said hesitantly,” I need to go…my friends…”

Without opening his eyes, his arm lying possessively across my stomach, he growled,” They’ve gone home.”

I sat up in shock, pushing his arm away. ”When? What did they.. Oh no!” I pressed my palms to my face, trying to think of what Mel and Jeannie must be thinking of me..

He pulled me down effortlessly, pinning me down with his body as he said, “I sent word that your aunt was unwell and you had to rush back. They don’t have your aunt’s address.”

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