Possession #2 (Part 11, page 1 of 3)

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Part 11

If the first night I had spent with Gaston was an eye opener on making love, this was a lesson in surrender.

First he made me pleasure him, forcing me to surrender to his wishes.

Then he made love to me, again and again, making me aware of how to give pleasure and how to be pleasured in the most exquisite ways.

I slept and came awake to his suckling my breasts readying me for another bout of torrid lovemaking.

Once I thought he growled against my mouth, ‘I can’t have enough of this, ” as I buried my fingers in his hair .

But I was past caring. All I wanted was for this night to never end.


I came awake once again to his nuzzling my nipples, his rock hard shaft urgently digging into my side once again as he rolled his powerful body onto me.

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