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Part 1

The first few days after my encounter with Gaston at the club passed in a daze. I went about my work like a zombie, completely on auto pilot.

I worked at a library as I was studying for law. My parents had separated when I was very young and I couldn’t remember my father. Ma had moved on soon enough, leaving me in the care of her sister, my aunt Penny. Aunt Penny’s husband was a pastor and had very clear ideas about what girls should and shouldn’t do. So I lived a sheltered life but there was Harold at school, gentle, nerdy Harold and I had grown up thinking that we would get married and have babies. It makes me cringe now. I was so daft!Soon after Harold left school, he joined the army. We had been secretly meeting , spending hours making love before that. I pictured myself as the pregnant love of a brave soldier who returns from the war to claim his sweetheart.

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