Possessed (Part 10, page 2 of 3)

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Part 10

She handed me a tall glass of lemonade and as I drank thirstily, she asked, ’How many months along, then?”

I choked and stared at her. Raising an eyebrow in an old fashioned way, she said,” Any fool but that man there’. she nodded her head to the house, ‘ can see you’re carrying a baby.’

Coloring furiously, I mumbled a reply and as she turned to leave, I caught her hand and said softly,’ Please, he doesn’t know”

She gave me a long look and nodding her head, went inside


To my surprise, Gaston came home early that evening as I sat, resting on a seat by the window, exhausted. Schwartz stood behind him, smiling amiably and I got to my feet with some difficulty, hoisting Piers onto a hip.

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