Possessed (Part 6, page 2 of 8)

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Part 6

Gaston sat back, watching me approach, his hooded eyes watching every step. Why did this man have such an effect on me? I wondered. Although I had spent so many hours of passion with him, he still made me feel breathless.

I stopped a few feet away from the desk and waited. Gaston looked breathtakingly attractive. He had opened the buttons of his shirt, exposing his deep chest. The tiredness on his face was obvious but …I licked my lips.

For a long moment, he said nothing, only sliding his eyes over my body.

It was a game, I realized but it was affecting me.

Breathing faster, I said, ”You called me…?”

He stood up, slowly. Crossed and came to stand a few feet from me, his drink in his hands. There was something frightening about him and I guessed that he had been drinking steadily since afternoon.

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