Possessed (Part 3, page 2 of 5)

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Part 3

I didn’t dare look at Gaston although he sat across us, his long legs stretched before him, nursing a drink. I could feel his eyes on us, brooding. The young attendant came over and offered me a drink but before I could refuse, Gaston growled, ’She doesn’t drink. She’s a bloody saint”. The startled girl went away as I flushed in embarrassment. He remembered.

Ria began to whimper restlessly; she was hungry. I looked around. I didn’t want to feed the twins with Gaston watching, I just didn’t.

“What does it want?” he demanded.

“SHE is hungry.” I snapped.

“So feed her,” he replied silkily, the hooded eyes never leaving my face.

“I won’t, not in front of you.” I said stubbornly, glaring at him.

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