Possessed 2 (Part 9, page 1 of 3)

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Part 9

Shaking my head in refusal, I backed away, ‘No!’ I said, “I won’t wear that’.

The woman continued to hold it out, ignoring my protests, her obsidian eyes glinting with malice.

A man entered, and stood staring at me, as I shivered in a thin wet towel. I cringed at the look in his face. I knew him, this huge man with the shaven head, and dead looking grey eyes. When he spoke, I felt a faint recollection. The hands that had groped me. I shuddered.

He spoke in a guttural accent, ”Wear it or I shall make you wear it.” The emotionless way he said it frightened me.

Snatching the dress from the silent woman, I indicated that he should leave.

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