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Part 12

Neither Schwartz nor Shark said anything. Shark hummed tunelessly as he paced. Schwartz stood at the large glass windows, staring out.

Gaston stood up, limped to the bar, poured a stiff drink and asked in as calm a voice as he could manage, “Where?”

It was Shark who answered, Shark who had been the one to continue the drug deals and handle everything from the front while Gaston took a back seat in the business after the shooting.

“Last night. Somewhere in the Middle East.” he said, adding, ”We’ve had our boys on the lookout for months. This was at an exclusive…uh .. sale of white women. Mostly frequented by the elite, the wealthiest clients.”

He didn’t need to add that all of this happened under the radar and it had only been pure luck that they had spotted her after almost seven months since she had been spirited away.

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