Possessed 2 (Part 1, page 4 of 9)

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Part 1

His eyes narrowed as she leant up to Schwartz and whispered something in his ear with a smile, in a manner born of the familiarity of years. Gaston limped forward, breathing heavily. She was teasing him, the little witch. He would teach her.

Schwartz turned with a resigned look on his face as Gaston approached. “I was on my way, already!” he sighed, as Jan laughed throatily.

‘Dance with me!” he growled, grabbing her waist and jerking her forward roughly to him.

“Gaston!” she hissed warningly, her eyes laughing at him, “There are people around us! Our children!’

But there was a teasing note in her voice as she added, leaning away from him slightly and wrinkling her nose prettily as she looked up at him,” Besides, you can’t dance, can you?”

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