Pomme Terre (Part 6, page 2 of 5)

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Part 6

The game had begun. However, I wasn't sure what was I playing at.

I stood up and turned my body facing Cliff. He dumped the hair dryer on the floor, motor still whirling.

Wordlessly, he pulled my body towards his, and secured one arm behind my waist. I put on a cool face, while trying to search his. None of us were smiling, our eyes locked on each other, testing.

I shall go first. I touched his bare shoulder and ran my hand down to the notch on his arm where the deltoid meets the biceps, and I sealed his lips with mine.

He responded gently. I can feel his firm jawline and the smell of aftershave. I dug my fingers into his arm and we kissed again, and again. Getting more passionate and urgent than before.

My head was spinning and I was running out of breath. His hands were busy, touching all the right spots. I didn't even realize that he had already unhooked my bra.

His torso still locked against mine, I felt his transformation. Cliff Jr was awakened. Damn it, I felt myself pulsating and contracting too.

What is it now? I wanted him so badly, I wanted him in me, hard and raw. But...

His tongue was working in my mouth, and I hung on to his neck. He lifted me and placed me seated on the writing desk and he stood in between my legs. My back was arched, and his upper body over me, he kissed my extended neck sensual. He had not bother to untie my hotel robe tho the skirt had fallen to the side where my legs were spread apart, revealing my underwear. In a swift move, he closed the gap between us and I let out a gasp, followed by a moan in pleasure. His gun. Wild, demanding and strong, it kept coming.

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