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Part 4

But here comes the cool part. With the Dr Jade aura and piercing eyes, she said 'All I am asking is, do you or do you not know. If you know this is incorrect, why did you pass it to me anyway?' New girl was speechless.

And here comes the really coolest part. Dr Jade said 'Here in this place, we do not point fingers. We find solutions, not fault. We work as a team and be grateful for people who helped you. You made a lot of mistakes and nobody blames you... so out of your mouth, do not let me hear you blame others again for your incompetence...'

Wow, Dr Jade just defended me? Pretty awesome."

Maya nodded. "Your boss is like a life coach, sometimes."

"It's not her responsibilities, you know? We are all adults."

Maya and I took a sip of our drinks. I knocked a new stick from the box and fetched a lighter from my handbag. Out of courtesy, I offered Maya one and as usual, she didn't want any. There was something more I wanted to tell her. She felt it too, and was waiting patiently for me to start. She turned to me and smiled. "Yes.....?"

"Ah... yes..." I leaned closer to her and whispered into her ear. "Cliff and I are going for... A TRIP!!" The last two words were exclaimed rather loudly that Maya had to close her ear with her palm.

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