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Part 1

"Cliff, Mr Potato-Head, please?"

"Huh?" Cliff finally looked at me. "Well, I know you like Mc Donald's fries, Chinese potato chicken, steamed potatoes, mashed potatoes, all the potatoes in the wor..."

"And I'm a potato head myself!" I interrupted him. "Yes, could you draw something clear and solid like a potato? So that for once, I do not have to attempt to interpret your beautiful mind and make a fool outta myself."

His eyes still trained on me, as he digested my request for couple of seconds. Then a loop-sided grin formed on his face.

"Babe, you know Mr Potato-Head still can be an abstract. Like how the mouth is at the ear, the nose is at the eye..."

"Okay, I'll take whatever potato you would give." I decided to risk a quick touch on him. I aimed for his temple but my lips landed on his ear.

At this stage of relationship, we adore each other. 4 months since I asked him if he would like to be my boyfriend, Cliff proved to be an awesome friend and a supportive boyfriend. I had to ask him! The signs were all there but he was too bloody shy to make it official.

He knows I am a dork. I told him my biggest secret too. I need to get it off my chest as soon as possible, just in case he becomes somebody that really matters to me. I told him who I was and what I did, showed him the exit. If he walks out now, it won't be as painful as when he walks out later after I am in too deep. And harbouring a big burden is like living with a noose around your neck. So I told him about my ex.

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