PEBBLES OF MISERIES (Part 3, page 1 of 2)

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Part 3

The reason Alex was madly in love with the pilot profession because of his mother.

Mother Amelia Stone had great passion to be a lady pilot.

In her day’s women had very little opportunity, this did not motivate her much to be a pilot.

Amelia destined her journey towards her son and she wanted him to be a pilot.

Alex from infancy he was tutored well by his mother. He started to have the real passion for the pilot career.

Alex father was a ship captain Major Philip Stone.

Philip wanted his son to be a marine officer, but his mother wanted him to be a pilot.

Many times there used to quarrel at home due to the argument between them.

Alex used to be frustrated, but he was a loving child. He loved his parents dearly.

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