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Part 5

Having a master’s degree in criminal Justice, Margo loved the fact that she was involved in a cold case, it was her first one to solve and she was having fun doing it. She devoted hours to this case and so far things were going smoothly .How long did the Historical Images of Horse dale sit on the shelf? That was her leading question, and it deserved leading connections to help her solve the crime.

Let’s see Alice had given her information about previous employees but never said anything about Nancy Newborn;Never mentioning the missing button off of Arthur’s sweater.Something told her not to question Alice again until the she had more deep facts into the case.

Viewing more crime scene photos, Hathaway looked closely at the sweater wren by Arthur, however, the position the body was in, did not show the full details the sweater had.

Kent Billings, the Gardner at the estate during the mid to late 80’s was next to be interviewed. She needed to question Nancy Newborn real soon.

He wasn’t focused at all, distant at times. Margo had to remind him to stay focus. Margo referred to Mildred, the housekeeper, but because he was not focusing on the issue at hand, he was referring to Nancy Newborn. Apparently, Nancy had come from the Reserved Employment Agency an agency that employed housekeeper, maintenance men, and cooks. She worked for the estate one month.

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