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Part 4

Page 10 was going to be solved neatly and quickly. Margo kept telling herself. She was going to pay the Landmark Estate a visit in a matter of three days. The people working at the estate insisted she have an appointment and the she did. Margo went over to the window were the Flawless Presence Murder broke into it ,and she shook then went to the window to make sure it was secure; then, sipping her nightly tea, Margo looked at her revolver sitting on the coffee table a short distance away.

Stripping down to her pink silk panties, Margo had smooth and tan, hidden legs. She rested in her lazy boy chair.

Covered up with a blanket, Margo’s phone rang, it was her dad, Carson. Carson was checking up on her, making sure she was okay since her ordeal with the man, who broke into her cabin, a few weeks ago. Margo assured Carson things were fine. He promised a visit soon.

The next morning, the metal feel of her gun and the sun shine thru open windows woke her up. She then prepared for work suddenly jumping in the shower and dapping Wonderstruck Eau De Perfume, by Taylor Swift; then she headed for her car a Formaggi, when she thought “was I that sound asleep I didn’t hear Cadnet Holiday coming? Margo refocused her thoughts to the book in question.

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