Over Our Horizon (Best Years of Our Lives) (Part 1, page 2 of 6)

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Part 1

But, yes, she decided; she'd go.


"This meeting is considered 'special' because it is only for those who were included in the following categories: 'Business Institute', 'Senior Year Internship Program', and 'Class of 2015'." Ever couldn't help smiling at that; she had been in all three of those categories.

Though it did make her curious as to what this reunion could be about, since usually, these things were held ten years after graduating. But, maybe they just couldn't wait. That made Ever feel all the more proud of herself.

She wondered if her - old - friends would be going as well. Maria. Reagan. Rhimes. Gulp. Logan.

Just thinking about them made her sad, what would she do once she was actually there, face-to-face with them all? She hoped they'd all be there though, because what use was her new life and all her accomplishments, if she had no one from her past to share them with?

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