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Part 1

there l am,In the middle of the center waiting my girlfriend or could l say ex girlfriend..

Because we are going to break up today but we decided to do have ouir last date..

l saw a taxi stopping next to me l looked to see who was going to get out from it..

And it was she..So beautiful she smiled when she saw me,we hugged each other so smiling she asked me..

Are you ready for our last date?Yes, l only say a single yes to her..Her face changed like if she was going to cry..

why are we broking up? because she was going to move far,far from me..

To another country she can't stay because her dreams depends of it..

she won a scholarship to study in one of the best college of france and we are from united states..

l know that many peoples have a distance relationship but who have it know how hard it is ..

And no one of us know how to do it, no one of us have some experience on it..

But l still love her..l was struggling to not scream for everyone hear that l wanted her next to me to she don't go , to she stay, even more one day..

because she was going to go tomorrow..

l looked at her beautiful eyes, she smiled..Where do you want to go? l was a little bewildered so l go stuck in my answer..

Do you want to go to eat something?or watch a movie?She asked me simpathetically..

What about eat something?l said to her..

OK..Last go she said to me..

Her long black hair.. it is something that l always loved you know..l loved to see her combing her hair...

l wonder what he is thinking right now?l love him so much l could stay with him and abandon my dreams but..l have a promise with my mother..

that l would become the better doctor in the world that l woulkd do everything in my reach to save lifes..l said it to her before she pass away..

And know l need to come back..That moment l was about to cry but l couldn't do it in front of him l need to smile and show to him that l am strong..

l know that he is sad but l can't give up of it..

l know why she is doing it..She want to save lifes she always said it to me , since we started dating.She changed my mind and l want to be a doctor as well even that my father doesn't liked it..He wanted that l suceeded his business, he had a business that sell cars..

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