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Part 2

Finally l'm going to france for several times l thought to go to france to try to find my beloved girl..

l still feels like l love her,l wonder if one day l will see her again and l think l'm not prepered to this..

Only to imagine she married to somebody else make my heart sad but, that's the life isn't it?

now l was going straight to france l was already inside the airplane it starts to move..

my heart palpitated l had a feeling that l would meet her there.

l don't know why..

We are ready to to land the airphone we are next to the international airport, please tight your belts..

Finally l'm in france now l need to go to meet the Robert,l need do call him,..

So jhonny took the phone out from his jacket and started to digit his client number,,..

Hello..is it Sr.Robert? here is The doctor jhonny,l already arrived in france where would like to meet me..

l'm already here doctor jhonny..Where are you?Robert asked him..is there a reference point for you inform?

Yes,yes,Jhonny said to him,,,l'm near a bakery called as softy braeds..

l see l know hwere it is..Robert said..l'm going to meet you now,How are you dressed?Robert asked me..

l'm using a jeans and a blue tshirt,ok l will meet you now Sr.Jhonny..

l saw a man he was searching for someone could it be me,l called him he looked at me..

and came towards me..

Are you the doctor Jhonny?Yes, Yes, l said to him..Thanks to come Sr.Jhonny l've heard very well about you..

Thank you Sr.robert.l'm flattered top know that.

Where is the hospital l would like to go there and see yopur wife and her bloods exams..

her Exams is with me..Do you want to see now? My car is near from here you can see while we are going to the hospital..

Ok, let's do it..Jhonny answered..So they went where the car was placed..

When they arrived Jhonny got bewildered,his car was very beautiful and expenseve car..

A ferrari,,He saw this tipe of car a bit time in his country ltaly..

You have a nice car Johnny said to Robert, Do you liked it?Robert asked Jhonny..

Yes, it is amazing Jhonny said..

So if everything go well l will give you this car..

No,No,No, don't need to do it,Jhonny said..You're already paying the hospital that l work for..You don't need to give me it..this is esploration for my part..

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