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Part 3

That day we went to a public highway and everybody was there. I was kinda nervous but if i wanted to win i was going to have to straighten up.Davie glared at me from inside his car,i didn't because i was focused.there was a girl in front of me and davies car when she threw her bandana davie and i hit the pedal.He had the Lamborghini huracan which its top speed was 202mpr and i had a Dodge challenger SRT hellcat which the top speed is 203mph i didn't care how fast because i knew that it's not the car its the driver.Davie was in front of me he was going 198 mph and i was going 156mph but he almost crashed into a random car,lucky for us there was only two or three cars on the road.About 1 mile away from the finish line i smashed the pedal and my car hit 199mph in a instant it then rose to 203mph my nitro was the last thing i could do.So i flipped the nitro switch and my car jumped forward hitting a 358mph and i made it first to the finish line but davie got caught by the police and Davie also hit the side of a Car and Ohsumi’s huracan got wrecked.The next day i told Ohsumi i was sorry Davie went to jail because of me.In stead she started crying because Davie would hit her and blackmail her.She hugged me and i hugged back because i felt bad.she then reached up and kissed me

It lasted for about 7 seconds before i had to take her home because her car was in the shop,i decided to pay for the fix sense it was my fault for excepting the race.I love her more than anything but love isn't always a good thing.Two years later Davie got out of jail and came to Ohsumi’s house when me and her were watching a movie together and he pulled a gun out.So when he shot i took the shot for Ohsumi and instead of dropping i broke the chair leg from the chair that was next to me and i beat him with it.I beat him to death but it was too late for me i bled out for almost six minutes straight.After twenty six hours i woke up in a hospital with a scar running under my eyes over my nose.I was wrapped with bandages and everybody called me red kai or red dude soon the name changed to red…


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