Onto the Stage – Slighted Souls and other stage and radio plays (Part 3, page 1 of 29)

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Part 3

Men at work on Women at work - A Social Stage Play

Men at Work:

Naveen (40) Materials Manager, Bricks & Bats Ltd.

Nayak (55) Manager, HRD, Hares & Hounds Ltd.

Rakesh (50) Managing Director, Hares & Hounds Ltd.

Sunil (35), Assistant Manager, Personnel, Hares & Hounds Ltd.

Gopal (55) Assistant, Marketing., Hares & Hounds Employees Union

Balram (35) Inspector of Police.

Sanjay (40) General Manager, Marketing, Brims & Dregs Ltd.

Kumar (35) Assistant Finance Manager, Skins & Hides Ltd.

Diwakar (50) Finance Manager, Skins & Hides Ltd.

Bhagawan ( 45 ) Lawyer.

Women at Work:

Navya (30) Naveen’s wife and Sanjay’s P.A at Brims & Dregs Ltd.

Rachana (26) Navya’s friend and Kumar’s Assistant at Skins & Hides Ltd.

Rekha (59) Company Secretary, Hares & Hounds Ltd., who with Navya and Rachana starts MAWAW, Movement against womanizing at workplace.

Nritya (21) Navya’s sister and Nayak’s Stenographer at Hares & Hounds Ltd.

Preeti (26) Personal Secretary to Rakesh at Hares & Hounds Ltd.

Margaret (45) Manager Personal, Hares & Hounds Ltd.

Ramya( 40) Deputy Manager, Finance, Hares & Hounds Ltd.

Divya (25) Receptionist, Bricks & Bats Ltd.

Anasuya(35) Maid servant of the Naveens

Mithuna: Accuser of Naveen sans appearance.

Children at play: Ranjan (7) and Nrupa (5), son and daughter of Naveen and Navya.

Scene - 1

[Curtains up: Drawing room of the Naveens. Nine chimes of the clock (not in the scene). Naveen is seen solving the The Hindu ‘crossword’. The telephone in the hall starts ringing.]

Navya: [Not in the scene.] Naveen, are you there?

Naveen: Very much dear. [He goes to answer the call.]

Naveen: It’s Naveen here. [Pause] Wait a minute [Closes the mouthpiece.] Navya, Rachana is on the line for you.

[Enter: Navya from the kitchen portion (left side of the stage) and takes the receiver from Naveen.]

Navya: Hi, Rachana.

[Naveen goes into the master-bedroom (left side of the backstage)]

Navya: You are mistaken, Nritya is expected only tomorrow. [Long pause] Why not, we can meet in the evening.

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