Onto the Stage – Slighted Souls and other stage and radio plays (Part 5, page 1 of 27)

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Part 5

A love on Hold - A radio play


INT – It’s the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamshabad in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. That winter evening, Sekhar was waiting to receive Pratap, his childhood friend and classmate, settled in the U.S.A.

SFX – Soundtrack of Airport activity such as the announcements of the flight schedules, the take-off and landing of the aircraft.

EXT - The exit point of the ‘arrivals’ section is crowded with people waiting to welcome their relatives, friends or visitors among the incoming passengers.

SFX - Buzz of the motor cars bringing in more people and the sound of the car doors being slammed. The passengers begin appearing at the exit and those in waiting hail their names.

SEKHAR: Hi, Pratap.

PRATAP: Hi, Sekhar.

SFX - Buzz of an aircraft taking off.

SEKHAR: (OFF) Raju bring the vehicle. (PAUSE) Mother India welcomes its prodigal son.

PRATAP: Let me see what’s in her lap for me.

SEKHAR: What else but love and warmth.

PRATAP: If only that’s in tune with my longing.

SEKHAR: What you’ve got to long for here. Why, you never bothered to contact any of us all these years.

PRATAP: That I’ll tell you.

SEKHAR: Only me.

PRATAP: Who else is interested?

SEKHAR: Vimala your old flame.

PRATAP: She lost her man it seems.

SEKHAR: That’s a year-old tragedy.

PRATAP: Of my week-long knowledge.

SEKHAR: How did you come to know about it? I don’t know of any you’re in touch with.

PRATAP: It was by chance that I’ve heard somebody talk about the tragedy at a gathering.

SEKHAR: Oh, your empathy at work. So, it’s flattered to be deceived.

PRATAP: I plead guilty.

SEKHAR: No need to be apologetic. It’s in jest.

PRATAP: It’s just the catalyst. (PAUSE) How’s she, the poor thing?

SEKHAR: She’s gotten over it.

PRATAP: I’m glad to hear that.

SEKHAR: Our guys at Amalapuram want you there.

PRATAP: I’m flattered really.

SEKHAR: Without being so, I’m glad you’ve made it at last.

PRATAP: After twenty years that is.

SEKHAR: It’s a long time in our short life.

PRATAP: Dragging time in a drab life.

SEKHAR: Be serious; tell me all about your life.

PRATAP: Want to be done with me here and now.

SEKHAR: Count on me till you’re done with Vimala.

SFX – It’s a roar of an aircraft take-off followed by the sound of a car coming to its screeching halt.

PRATAP: So, what I see confirms what I’ve heard.

SEKHAR: What’s that?

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