One Lost Summer (Part 9, page 1 of 43)

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Part 9


Kirstie waited until she was alone with Thomas in their quarters for the answers to the day’s strange events. Thomas, however, only looked at her quizzically.

‘You really thought there was something going on?’ he said, not-very-obviously trying to mask his incredulity.

‘Why else would you be acting chummy with a pirate! Alain could have taken his gun, and he didn’t even try! The three of you were acting like the best of friends.’

‘The three of us were almost killed keeping this ship from sinking,’ Thomas told her. ‘Enemies or not, that sort of experience brings people together, if only for a little while. And as for Alain taking Howarth’s gun . . . are you crazy? Rousseau was standing right there! Even if Alain managed to get his hand on the gun, there would likely have been a struggle, and Rousseau would not have hesitated to shoot my one and only brother.’

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