One Lost Summer (Part 6, page 3 of 45)

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Part 6

‘Here, not that way! Water is not for making omelettes. Put a little milk in the eggs . . . about this much. Now, take the piano whisk . . . no, that one, you see the things with the curly wires? Take the middle one.’

‘What? Why? Why is that size called a piano whisk?’

Manon shrugged. ‘It just is. Now, beat a little air in it . . . not so hard! Gently, like this.’

Kirstie frowned as she did so. ‘When I was little, my mother always used an egg beater-’

Manon shuddered. ‘Here, that is enough. Now for the parsley . . . the sausage . . . we put in the sautéed champignons . . . la fromage. Here, this will be enough parsely. Just chop it fine and put it in. But don’t stir it! Just a little push, enough to make it mix and no more. Now, a little butter in the pan and the pressed garlic . . .’

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