One Lost Summer (Part 4, page 1 of 37)

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Part 4


Alain was done so quickly that Kirstie sat up in surprise, covering herself with the towel Heather handed her.

‘That’s not all there is to it,’ Alain said with a distracted smile as he concentrated on cleaning up and putting away his equipment. ‘I’ve only made a start . . . got a bit of the outline laid out. Once the irritation and the swelling goes completely out of it, we’ll have another session.’

Heather took hold of the towel and discreetly held it for her as Kirstie pulled on her top, a tight-fitting red and white striped and long-sleeved T-shirt that Manon had bought for her, that left her midriff bare, along with other clothes, including the shorts she was wearing, that fit her snugly in all the right places. Having only worn shapeless, baggy clothes to cover what she thought of as her many shortcomings, she would never have chosen such clothes herself, and for the first while had to struggle with shyness and embarrassment, feeling that she was going about almost naked.

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