One Little Mistake (Part 7, page 4 of 11)

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Part 7

"Look, this stays within us okay. My mom doesn't know about this."

"Yeah I understand," he said, his eyes on the key now.

"And one more thing. You have paid full rent to me. Don't tell anybody that you have paid 3000 only. I'll give the full amount to my mother."

"Thank you for that too," he said, looking toward the kitchen now. From the corner of his eyes, he noticed that she blushed.

"You didn't bring your mother to stay with you? My mother is disturbed due to this. She thinks you lied about your mother to take the room on rent," she said.

Her mother was right if she really thought that way. Actually, it is difficult to get the room on rent if you are a single male. That's why he lied that his mother would join him very soon from the village. And it worked. "My mother doesn't want to come now. I don't know what to do. She is happy in the village," he said.

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