One Little Mistake (Part 6, page 4 of 11)

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Part 6

"I don't like this boy. Three months have passed and he's still living alone. He had said that his mother would come soon to live with him but no one has arrived. What if he's a terrorist, planning a big terror attack in Chandigarh?"

"Seriously mom? Does he look like a terrorist to you?"

"You don't see the news. The terrorists live like normal people. In most cases, they have been found to be living on rent. The people in their neighborhood never suspected them."

"Mom, please. Manik is not a terrorist. He was taken as a tenant after the police verification."

"But he lied to us. His mother hasn't arrived to stay with him. I will talk to your father. I don't think we should continue with him. Moreover, he hasn't paid the rent yet. All these things are serious."

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