One Little Mistake (Part 6, page 2 of 11)

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Part 6

She was a good match for him and yet he was not making any attempt to seduce her. What could be the reason for this? Did he not like her? Was the coin right about him? She shook her head. That coin can't decide my fate. I have to write my destiny.

Since 6 p.m. she was in the living room, pretending to read complex concepts of development economics. She had wasted three hours in the wait. Where was he?

"You are waiting for someone?" a voice spoke behind her. Voice of her mother.

The question disturbed her, but she didn't let it appear on her face. She shifted away from the window, picked up the development economics book and sat down on the sofa, thinking what should she say to her mother. Her mother had a very suspicious nature. You can't say just anything to her. "I'm waiting for my friend. She said, she would come to handover notes."

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