One Little Mistake (Part 5, page 2 of 10)

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Part 5

Then she heard a sound. Thump!

Something had fallen on the terrace. What was it?

Pulling her gaze away from the beautiful evening scene, she looked around the terrace. Near the boundary wall, facing the vacant plot behind the house was lying a paper wrapped in a stone. What is it? Gripped in curiosity, she walked to the wall and picked it up.

She unwrapped the paper from the stone and untwisted it, her curiosity rising. Is it from the stalker boy?

Holding the paper in her hand, she peeked into the plot down below. She couldn't see him. The plot was full of thick bushes. He could be hiding somewhere. She wanted to tear the paper and throw it into the bushes but something stopped her. There is no harm in reading it. Moreover, if it's from him, then it can be used as an evidence against him. Keep it.

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