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Part 2

You are probaly that girl/boy that have alot of people you know who claim you as your best friend,but little do you know they are the ones talking all that dog shih on you.Not everyone is your friend these days you have to be ready with your guard up at all times because your so called friends be trying you to the max.But sometimes you have to ask yourself is they really worth it,to be fighting and all the uneescary drama.I had this one friend that was suppose to be my bestfriend but we fell out because she was unfit.She was not what i was quite looking for,after all everyone has that fake in them they just dont use it at the right times.She the type to mess with your man and get you jumped on the same day.The way i was raised,never follow after someone,be leader and number one rule 1#never be a hoe.Unlike my so called ex-bestie she was all of them things she so worried bout them boys and making herself happy she got lost in the mix.How im telling the story you might think this girl is competly a bitch.But naw they wasnt always like this.HA!get it (they) didnt think i was talking bout to people a d your prbaly confused because i said she reffering to two.Hold up you gonna understand.

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