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Part 3

-Thank you. I don’t really get the chance to come to such fancy places, but I have to admit that it is breathtaking… she said as the waiter came to give them the menu.

-You are the one who is breathtaking tonight, he heard himself think as he consulted the menu.

After they ordered, another waiter came over with a silver bucket containing what seemed to be the most expensive champagne bottle. He poured some in their glasses before leaving.

-Let’s make a toast… said gently Adam as he raised his glass.

-To what? Asked Nicole.

-To the best deal I will make through my entire life.

Nicole toasted and sipped the champagne. It was the first time of her life that this precious liquid would run down her throat. She was skeptical about what Adam had said and as he drank his champagne, his eyes remained on her.

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