Never Again Will Your Voices Be Heard (Part 1, page 1 of 6)

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Part 1

The outgoing president requested the governor who had run and lost his election in the state the Williams was convicted in to pardon the Williams conviction. The outgoing governor honored his request stating that both Mr. and Mrs. Williams was set up by the crony media to get back at her and her husband. Mr. Jonathan Hobbs was settling into his office just fine and was signing some executive orders to get things done that the outgoing official wouldn't do and undid some things that he did do which was either unethical and was bringing hardship to the american public.

The opposition party tried to stonewall his nominees for his cabinet members. Next it was was the nominee for the supreme court. Then his ban on letting terrorist come in trying to keep the people who not only voted for him but everyone safe. The opposition party even told the young college going adults not only to protest but to become violet and burn their own colleges while protesting which didn't make any sense but nowdays nothing made any sense.

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