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Part 1

There was celebration all around. Congratulatory messages poured from all sides. Naina could hear happiness all around but was semi conscious. She could just hear a faint cry of an infant. Just the melody of the child’s cry brought a smile on her tired face. Soon the nurse asked the relatives to disperse & give the much needed rest to the mother who has been in labour.

Today Naina & Nitin were proud parents of a beautiful baby girl…their much awaited bundle of joy had finally arrived & the new parents were on cloud nine.

About Nitin: He was a Manager in an Accounting firm. He had an elder sister who was married & well settled abroad. He was very simple, mature & down to earth. He was a total momma’s boy. He would chill & talk to her about everything about his college, work, friends etc. He was never over ambitious about his career. He always believed in hard work & his hard work helped him reach where he was. Unlike guys of his age, who spent hours with girlfriends & outings, he spent more time with his family….a complete home bird. He would never shy away from buying grocery or vegetables for his mom. For him his mom was his world. He was never an extrovert however he did have a good sense of humour. This side of him was known only by his closest buddies.

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