My one and Only (Part 1, page 4 of 6)

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Part 1

"Hey mummy"

"Hey boy, how are you ? how was school? did you make any friends"

" Mummy, you need to stop worrying, and i had a lot of fun at school, everyone was so jealous of all the cool things you got me espspecially my Avangers bag pack"


"Yep, and mummy i have homework, granny is helping me"

"Thats great, make sure to finish your food and go to bed on time , I love you baby"

"I love you too mummy"

I knock off around 9pm, everybody had already left. I get home and find my granny asleep on the couch and Brandon fast asleep..... he looked so peacefull, how i wish life was this peaceful.......

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