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Part 3


'"You have got go out more often and get laid, I mean seriously exams are about to start and you have to destress a little" says Thuli my best friend

" What ? getting laid is going to help me destress are you insane? I need to study"

" No you don't ," she takes my books from me and she literally drags me out of my flat and next think you know i am taking shots and dancing like i total mad pesorn,

I wake up the next day, my head felt like it was about to fall off and i had only an hour to get my shit together before class i mean it was the last class before exams,so it is an important class , I take a shower and i still feel like crap so i decide to take the bus instead of my car because with the way i am feeling i just might bump into something or even hit someone with my car.

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