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Part 4

"I woke up late bruh, so whats on the agenda, where we heading?"

"We going home buddy, the tour is over remember, we can now can have a vacation and you can make some new music and just chill"

" Great stuff, when we leaving ?" I don't sound too happy because there really isn't anything

to be happy about, but anyway atleast i can rest and sort my life out, and who knows find myself some lekker honey, not these gold digging women i come across

"We leaving in a weeks time, so tonight is your last gig here and we can just party till our livers melt away."

As much as I enjoy making music, driving cars,travelling and having all this pussy around me, I am kinda tired, but anyway it's not going to stop me from enjoying Dubai, I am going to turn up like crazy, and maybe i can get back in the mood of partying.

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