My beautiful and sexy girlfriend. (Part 3, page 1 of 4)

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Part 3

let's eat something guys? Cristina asked us...Yes,,let's go..Marry said while she raised her right arm..

She was very enthusiastic..

So Cristina looked at me smiling and said :let's go? Yes, l amswered her..

l think she is so beautiful mainly when she is smiling..

He is so shy..But l like it on him..l think he is perfect the way he is.. Cristina thought to herself..

l was very shy because l knew that we was going seat near the Cristina's parents, what if they ask me something?

What will l tell them..

When we arrived Cristina parents was already seated waiting us and the table was bountiful of the food and salad..

My stomach honked when l saw it..

Please join us..Her mother said..Her mother and Cristina was the same like a copy of each other..

l hope Cristina stay as beautiful as her mother when she get older..

l blushed because how l know that l would see her when she got in this age?Only if l marry her..

l don't think it would be a bad ideia besides beautiful she is still a good person..

l don't lnow her for so long but the little that l know her l can tell it..

So l went and seated with my head down l wanted to hide how shy l was..

Please feel free to eat as much as you want,she said to me and Marry..

But l was ashamed to put my food So Cristina did it to me..He is so shy..Her mother said laughing..

l gave her a timid smile..

And then l started to eat my food,But Marry and Cristina and her parents started to talk..

l was eating quiet,doing it maybe they didn't talk to me..

But all of a sudden her father asked me.. How you and My daughter met?Oh my god..What will i tell him? Cristina and her mother looked at me..

l met her at school and l think l liked your daughter since the first time l saw her..l said to him..

then what did you like on her?

Dad you are constraining him..Can you see how shy he is..No,No,Don't worry cristina l said to her..

l'm not trying to constraining him..l'm only curious sweet..Her father said to her..

l liked everything on her..

l can't answer you this teeling you expecific what l liked because everything on her l think is wonderful and she is beautifukl as well..

l liked this boy..He said to his wife..Cristina looked at me laughing..he is a good man..

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