My beautiful and sexy girlfriend. (Part 2, page 1 of 4)

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Part 2

Next day!

l saw Cristina and her driver stopped in front of my house..Hello Pietro..Hello are you two?

We are very well thanks Cristina.Elisabeth answered her while she smiled..

Hello l said to her a little shy..She was so damn beautiful and hot..l don't belive l was so luck to date a girl like her..

Why are you here Cristina l asked her? can't you see..l came to take you to the school..

will l go with you?In your car?l asked her..

Yes..Why?Are you ambarrassed of go with me?She asked me..l won't lie for you Cristina..

Try to imagine l will arrived at the school with a beautiful girl and her expensive car..What would the other students think about it?

Don't worry! you don't need to be ambarrassed..Let's go,,..She dragged me into her car while she said good byr to my mother l also said good bye to her from thr windown of the car and l saw my mother laughing of the situation..

Oh my son found a crazy girlfriend l liked her she semms to be a good girl..Crazy but good....l know that they will find some difficulties for the way but l hope they can hamdle it..she thought while she saw the car getting away..

When we arrived at school there was a lot of people in front of the school,It was a school of rich people so no one would care about the car that l was getting out from..but everyone would notice who l was getting out the car with.. That's what happened..

Everyone was looking at us.We were the center of the attention..

l could hear everyone talking about us,and Cristina seemed don't care about it,She holded my arms while we walked into the school l could feel the killer eyes of the other boys over me...

l shivered...Everyone is looking at us,can you see it?Yes, she said..Let they look at us..l like it..It's good that any whore will flirt you..

What?Which crazy girl would flirt me?l wondered me while i smiled for her funny comentary..

When we got to class,She seated aside me..and still there was many eyes over us..

my face was get so cute when you are shy you know she said while she bowed down her head to look at my face..

let's start the class people..The teacher said..Now we will do a test with a group of three people..l will pass through your table and give you the test to do..

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