My beautiful and sexy girlfriend. (Part 1, page 1 of 3)

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Part 1

l love you Cristina..Please date me..she looked at me in silence for a while..

l was about to ran,l was afraid and scared of her answer..Why did l do that?

My body was burning only to see her,my stomach was like if there was a lot of butterfly inside it..My heart pumping hard.

Yes,She said to me.l wasn't beliving in it..does she said yes?l couldn't belive so l asked her more one time. excuse me..What did you say?

l said yes..Cristina answered me..My breath was uneven..l didn't knoiw what to do..

So suddenly she rolled her eyes and came next to me..

When she did it l looked at her scared l thought she was only joking with me but..

She kissed me..Finally on my eighteen years old l kissed a girl..l tried to follow her kiss..

But l was very nearvous..She pressed her body to mine..l sighed..l was staring to get a boner l was trying to control it hard..

My heart was beating even more hard and she could notice it because her hands was over my chest..

So suddenly she stopped l was a little bewildered after her kiss..

She looked at me and holded my hands and said..Let's go..But now?There are many people there they will see us..Who cares she said..

So she dragged me..Everyone was looking at us..

l was ashamed l was the center of the attention at that moment because l was walking with the most beautiful and hotest girl of the school..

Some boys looked at me unbelieved..l looked at her she was walking and acting normaly...l can't belive that she is my girlfriend..


He is so cute..Cristina thought while looked at him..His name was Pietro..

now her shy and cute boyfriend..Cristina was 19 years old..

l can see his blushed face looking to the crowd that is staring us walking together..

l will do something l will hug him..

So l did it..He looked at me scared he is so innocent..l knew that he felt something for me..

l always noticed that he was staring me and looking my body secretly..l could feel her eyes throughout my body..

Body inside it made me start to like him as well but l was waiting him confess to me..

So suddenly he called me and said that he loves me..l liked his behavior,he is shy but he is fearless,more or less,but he is..

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