My arranged marriage (Part 11, page 1 of 3)

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Part 11

Our plan didn't work very well.doesn't it?'re right scot..l'd never imagine that she would say something like that and moreover kiss brian like that..

did you see how was? yes..l did.Scot answered Paloma..l think they really like each other Paloma..

No.l can1t accept it..l've gave up about brian and l said it to sofia,but l don't know scot its like l loved him at fisrt time that l saw him.

l've never felt like this before..

If you had gave a change it wouldn't are like sublings you know..

l'm just kidding with you paloma..l liked that girl as well..What will you do now? because your first plan didn't worl very well..

l'll think about it at home..So tomorrow l will tell you the detail if l think in something good..It's said to her..


Brian and Sofia was going to their homes,only a car came to bring both of them..And they were quiet without look to each other.

does anything happened? the driver asked them..No..Brian said without even look at the said..We are going to the house of brian..

my house? Am l going as well? Sofia asked him..Yeah sofia..

Your dad and mother is there waiting for you..But most of the times they had done the meeting in my home..

Why do they chose brian's house now?

l don't know Sofia..l think the motive can be it,because your family never went to brian's house..

If sofia go to my room she can find all my magazines..Brian thought to hisself..What are you worried about?

WE are almost there..the drive said to them..

When they arrive their family was already waiting them at the gate..Welcome sweet couple..Viviane said to them..

Viviane and Olivia hugged them..And they entered..some maids helping them with their bagpack..

You've a lovely house Olivia..Thanks did you like?Sofia..Yes..she said..You and Brian is a little strange, something happened?

She blushed..No..Nothing Sr..Olivia. Olivia laughed and can call me Olivia Sofia..Ok..

Olivia..that's better olivia said to her..

When they entered in the mansion David said to brian..Why don't you show the house to Sofia brian? david said to him..We are talking about our bussiness you guys can think it's l started to show Sofia our house,our living room,kitchen,our garden,But even more fast than l thought l had showed her almost every room and stuuf from my house..

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