My arranged marriage (Part 9, page 1 of 3)

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Part 9


Next day at school our teacher had given to us a test. And again it was made in duo like the last test. Sofia came to make a test with me but sofia said to her:

l'm already making a duo with him Sofia. but thanks for you worry so my about my boyfriend..Sofia said to Paloma.. Not don't need to thank me Sofia..

you know it is my pleasure to help you and your Boyfriend,So panela blink to Brian in a naughty way..

Brian disguised that he didn't have seen her flirting him.but he don't know how to disguise very well..l could see his face getting blushed..Pamela smiled and

seated near us..there is a lot of people that don't have a partener in that class you know..

l said to her...Yes..But l want to make a group with you two, l don't know l think we can be good friends..l don't think so..Sofia said to her in a anger way..

Ahhh,..You hurt me talking to me like this you know Sofia..Han.Han.Class let's speak less and make your test the time is passing..Ok.Sofia and Pamela..

The two girl was speaking very low,l think no one could hear them, but the teacher recognized that Sofia and pamela was whispering to each other..

l smiled at them..What are you smiling at?Sofia asked a little bit mad at me..After we finished the test we went to have lunch...why did you blush when paloma blinked to you?Sofia asked me..

No..l don't..l said to Sofia..That's why l kept quiet the whole conversation..

l knew that it would're blaming me for nothing Sofia..

Ok..Ok..Suddenly sofia appeared but now she wasn't alone she was with a boy that l didn't knew him..She screamed our name and came running to us..

Hello!Hello l said to her..Sofia inly tilted her head aside in a bothered way..

But Paloma didn't care..This girl said that she would let us alone but everyday she is flirting brian..Sofia murmured to herself..

He is my friend his name is Scot..Pamola said pointed to her while she searched for her friend,but he was still far away,because he didn't want to run as a carzy as paloma did..Come on scot..When he got next to them Paloma finally introduced him..This is scot,Scot, this is brian,nice to meet you brian..Nice to meet you too..l said to him..

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