My arranged marriage (Part 8, page 1 of 3)

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Part 8


l was walking down the stairs, suddenly l saw Brian he was staring me while l was walking down the stairs,

l blushed,So when l get next to him l greeted him,he was looking at me as a dumb..So l remembered what my mother said to me..

That he likes red color not that l used this kind of color because him,it is because l liked it as well..Oh..Excused me..Hello sofia..l gave to him a disguised smile to don't make him even more shy than he is..

After he give me a clumsy kiss on my blushed cheeks.We all seated on a sofa in my living room..

So we talked to each other during a long time and we had dinner, but suddenly my parents and Brian parents and let me alone with brian,

l know that l untill already kissed him..but even so this situation makes me very nervours..l wonder if he is feeling the same way as me..


What the heck my parents and her parents are thinking..

l could see Sofia's blushed cheeks she was very shy,she looked at me with a super fast sight after she turned her eyes to a another side..what do l do?l need to overcome this embarassed situation between us,but how?

So l tried to have a conversation with Sofia she looked at me confused in what she would say.

but started to answer my question..but when l talked to her about paloma l think she remembered our kiss that day because she blushed..

Why did you blush l asked her even that l was blushed as

l'm not blushed she said..after a times our paraents brought to us two tickets they said that we could go to watch a movie if we want that our particular driver would take us whatever we want..Ok..She said without think about it she only wanted to get out of that embarressed moments as fast as possible..But l didn't say nothing l just shoke my head in accord..

So we went to the cinema was passing a movie called as death's virus it was a movie of zombie, everyone was transforming in zombie only to breath a infected air..It was a very scare movie and l could see that sofia was afraid because she was holding my hand tight.

l could see her red cheeks mixed with fear.

l holded her hands back giving it a little squeeze she looked at me surprised and turned her sight to the cinema's big screen again while she was in a very shy mode..Suddenly appeared a scene that was a little heavy she gave a little scream and hugged me..

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