My arranged marriage (Part 7, page 1 of 2)

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Part 7

Hi Son..Hi mom..How was your school today are you and Sofia being nice to each other?yes,Mom..Why are you getting blushed?

My mother asked with a surprise stuck on her face..Nothing mom..

l need to l ran upstairs towards my room..when l arrived l threw my schoolbag on the bed and threw myself on it..

l looked to the ceiling and touched my lips and then the scene of sofia kissing me came in my head quickly l blushed l wonder how she fells about it..

While it downstair his mother and his dad was talking about his strange behavior..

did you see how Brian blushed when l asked him about sofia? yes..

l saw her husband said..l'm sure something happened at school today between him and sofia..

While it at Sofia's house..

l'm home..welcome back sweetheart..Thanks mom..Where is dad? sofia asked her mother..He left..he needed to solve some problems she said to Sofia..

l see..Sofia said to her mother..How was your school Sofia?something good happened?

She blushed ..Why are you asking me this mom? nothing sweet..l only want to know how your day was..

My day was very well moomy..Now excuse but l need to take a rest l´m very tired..OK sweet..

so Sofia went upstairs when she got in her room.she sat on her bed and thought in what she had made..l kissed him..she thought to herself..She knew that this was only a arranged marriage and she couldn't develop any feeling about Brian..Suddenly Someone call the Sofia's house..

her waitress Susan answered the phone..

suddenly she calls Sr' Lorenzo..he came to see what was it about..

Sr.david want to talk to you she said.So she gave the phone to sr lorenzo..Thanks Susan..

david and his family is coming today to have a dinner at my house..l see she said and vanished..Hello..'m calling to warn you that l will be there for about six a clock..Ok..l will say to my wife and to my daughter..

Viviane..hi.Lorenzo..Sr.David said that he and his family will arrive here at 6 a clock please say to Sofia get dressed..

OK..l'm going to tell her..

Sp Viviane went upstairs and knocked at Sofia's room door..She said to her mother enter..So Viviane did..

your father said that Sr.David and his family will be here at ¨6 a clock to you get dressed..

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